Houston Arrives In D.C.

After being packed into the back seat of our small silver Hyundai for two days and almost 10 hours, I’m happy to report that we are here! Our drive down consisted of BK, Sinatra and back seat jam sessions. Looking at the displays flying by, Obama was everywhere, and with the welcoming of all the people making the trip, the signs for delays seemed to be around every corner and bend. Billboards exclaiming Expect Major Delays on the day of Inauguration Jan. 20th were appearing before we even hit Baltimore.
After dropping bags at Kyle and Peter’s condo near Chinatown, we set out to explore some of the city. From the moment we stepped out onto the streets the energy and excitement of this event was filling the air. The newspaper boxes were no where to be found, as they have been pulled off of the streets to widen the sidewalks – a once empty park now houses an Air Force 1 plane – in less than five minutes of walking into the Bed Bath & Beyond a dozen air mattresses flew past me as people scurried, to give and lend space for those of us coming from out of the city – eating at the Austin Grill for lunch, the waitstaff could be found sporting the ‘newest’ Obama pins and asking questions of where we came from, if we were excited, how long would we be here and supplying minute by minute updates of Obama’s progress as his train makes his way to the city. Needless to say the city full of bunting and flags is now counting the hours until the President Elect raises his right hand.

Houston in D.C. – Over and Out.img_0190


3 Responses

  1. Appreciate the great detail of your trip down. Picture in the car is so charming. We had the opportunity to watch the concert, such a great opportunity to be there. All those excited people enjoying a great historical event. Love to all. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  2. I’m so excited for you! What an amazing opportunity. I hope that you stay warm, and that you have a “never to be forgotten” positive experience. I also think that the picture of you is terrific. Keep blogging. All of you fans are anxious to know how things go on this very historic occasion!

  3. The details of the trip are great, it must be a total zoo in DC with all the people. Tomorrow will be a historical day, that is just awesome that you had the chance to be there. Too cool!


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