Finally Here!

Scholars playing travel scrabble while waiting in the airport!

Scholars playing travel scrabble while waiting in the airport!


PYIC stage

PYIC stage

Journalist Lisa Ling

Journalist Lisa Ling

Hello from Washington D.C.!

Well it’s about 12:37 a.m. and it’s been a long day! However, I am here at my hotel in Washington with lots to tell you already. The day started off with last minute packing and goodbyes to all my friends and family, which took most of the morning. After a smooth flight from little old Burlington International Airport, I arrived at Washington Dulles where it was a bit more crowded to say the least! However as soon as I got off the plane I was surrounded by a sea of fellow scholars from the PYIC conference. After a hectic battle to find my luggage I joined my fellow scholars for a LONG wait in line to try and get us all checked in. This effort to get over 1000 students checked in at once failed, so we were then bused to the University of Maryland on over 100 buses for another try at check in. After securing my luggage and getting my name tag it was off to dinner with some new friends from California who I had met on the bus ride over. After dinner came the exciting part of the day. Our first keynote speech from Lisa Ling. We all gathered in the stadium at the University and listened to her speak of the upcoming inauguration and about her past. For those of you who don’t know Lisa Ling is an international journalist and has worked in places such as Afghanistan, and North Korea. Her inspiring speech included advice such as “travel the world to learn new things” and “learn a little bit about a lot of things in college.” After a standing ovation for our speaker we all proceeded back to our hotels for the commencement of the night. Tomorrow we will enjoy speeches from General Colin Powel and other prominent speakers as well. All with leadership activities and more talk about the actual inauguration day! I hope everyone is well!



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  1. Dylana – can’t wait to hear about all or your exciting days ahead

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