A Test Run,

Hi this Riley O’Neil. I have been on the subway and I have been traveling and walking. I saw Barack Obama, his wife and daughter up on a big screen. We had to watch it on there because it was too crowded up close.

Today was a test run for the inauguration day. The Woods and O’Neils left the quiet suburbs of Arlington, Virginia and braved the crowds of Washington DC. It was the girls first time on a subway (or metro). So, that was a thrill for them. We made arrangements to meet some friends at The National Museum of the American Indian. After, seeing three of our past presidents and no Native American we relies that we were in The National Museum of American not the National Museum of American Indian. We ended up heading towards the concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Everyone here is so excited. I haven’t met one person who was unfriendly. Hope and change hang in the air. It vibrates all around you down here. Here is a quick video review of our day.


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