Good morning on inauguration day!

Well the big day has finally arrived! I’m writing at 5:45 a.m. as we get ready to head to our buses and into the city for the exciting day. As my roommate and I go over the day we can’t help but be a little nervous. We don’t want to get lost in the 4 million people! However, excitment is definately the number one feeling of the day! As the events unwrap I hope each of you gets to see the history be made, and later share with me the firsthand account of this momumental event!

have a great day!



2 Responses

  1. Hey Dylana! Enjoy the day! Let it all sink in and feel the energy of everyone! Can’t wait to hear about it later! I will be watching and looking for you…haha!

  2. Dear Dylana,

    We are hoping you are having a blast today! We are watching the preinaugural chaos on t.v. We, too, will be looking for you!! Love the pics so far … be sure to call us when its all over … we can hardly wait to hear all about your HUGE adventure!!

    Love, Mena & Peta

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