Yet another fun filled, packed day

Hey everyone!

Well the big day is finally about to arrive!  Today was yet another day filled with exciting activities.  We were up early again this morning and off to our Presidential Group Meetings (I am in the “Polk” group) where as a group we discuss different things regarding the election and the election process and also what the presidents inside duties are.  Today we focused on campaign strategies and press conferences.  We did a mock press conference where I got to be the president addressing the issue of Hurricane Katrina and how National Security would respond to it.  I got to answer questions from the “press” as well.  After this we went to see our final keynote speaker, Al Gore.  Along the lines of all the other speeches, he spoke to us of the leadership opportunities we had, and how to make a difference in our communities.  He also talked about the climate change, and how he believes we can change it.  Later we went into Washington D.C. for a break in our busy schedule for some laughter.  We saw the Reduced Shakespeare Company, a company who travels around the world entertaining people with their shortened versions of great literature, or in the case of today the history of America in 60 minutes.  It was fun and extremely funny!  After that came the Capitol steps, who liked to poke fun at politicians with funny songs and funny dances.  We then went to Pentagon city and to the mall for dinner, and returned to our dorms for a VERY early start tomorrow morning! I Can’t wait to share this historic day with everyone!

Thanks everyone!


P.S. I will include pictures from the Al Gore speech tomorrow!


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