Houston – Martin Luther King Jr. Day & Attending The Inauguration I

During Martin Luther King Jr. day we hung pretty low. The times that we did go into the city we ran into to extreme crowds. Going to the ‘official Obama store’ one of the many claiming to be the Official, or Original, it was total insanity. Squishing and weaving through the crowds just to get your favorite t-shirt or memorabilia. Yes, Maia, Danielle, Rylee and Maggie I got you all t-shirts. (They are very cute!) Probably the most important thing accomplished on Martin Luther King Jr. day also known as the official service day, was clean the condo for our generous and gracious hosts.

Now, for the big event. For the whole point of this blog. The Inauguration. Waking up at six o’clock in the morning is never something any teenager is willing to do. But this morning after rousing myself out of bed, I got very excited. This was it. This was the change, the promise, the day Obama became our 44th President. Layer upon Layer (still not enough layers) we set out to join the hundreds, then the thousands, then the ten-thousands, the hundred-thousands and eventually the millions of others who also wanted to witness first hand this historical day. As the crowds grew the anticipation soared. Chanting Obama, singing songs of our country’s triumphs, sharing moments and embracing strangers you had never known we common sights. We were corralled together for a journey no one would forget. Anyone who is claustrophobic might want to skip these next few sentences. Shoving, Bumping, Grabbing, Holding, Grasping, over and over and over again. Smelling the breath of someone who had begun partying a bit early, those who didn’t have time to brush their teeth before leaving, or maybe occasionally the refreshing smell of those who had. (If you were skipping sentences READ NOW..please) Gasping for the fresh air once out of the 395 tunnel we knew we were just blocks away. Once at the mall, the sight was overwhelming and breathtaking. People of all elasticities, sexes, religions, and orientations were gathered because of one cause and one belief. Obama. As the We Are One concert re-runs were shown on the Jumbotrons many people were caught catching a few z’s, dancing to stay warm or singing and enjoying the moment. (Keep in mind, we had over three and a half hours before the ceremony was to begin.)

Thankfully, time does continue on, and just after the We Are One re-run finished, the crowd (which had grown substantially since our arrival) cheered when they saw important people flashing across the monitor, while being introduced in full detail. The crowd would cheer, wave thier flags, or boo and occasionally spit on the ground as different people were introduced. Eventually the time came for Obama to make his appearance. Just seeing him, still inside the Capitol on the Jumbotrons the crowd was roaring. So when he actually came out, with his first wave in the inauguration ceremony Flags were waving, people yelling, crying and praising the lord for this day. One of the biggest moments for me, was when I saw a black man, my grandfathers age with tears of joy streaming down his face. This proved and was a testimony to me that Obama didn’t just inspire my generation. He inspired my grandfathers and my mothers and those who wanted change in this country. He believed in change, he does believe in change, and has inspired this country for change. Walking away from the Inauguration, I knew this was something I was going to carry with me for my entire lifetime. Moments, pictures, thoughts that I would share with my children and grandchildren (when and if they come….trust me I’m not rushing anything!!) It was such an experience to be there and to witness the small and not so small moments our history was experiencing. For now though, I will post a few pictures, maybe a video. But I will blog more tomorrow. I’m exhausted and have had a long day of walking, stopping and silently weeping as I shared my belief in our 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama.


2 Responses

  1. Wow!!!!!!!Thanks for sharing this historical event. I was glued to the TV all day(Grandpa could only watch it during the evening time due to a prior commitment). We are thankful that you were given the opportunity to attend this event and to share your thoughts and feelings with us. Please keep safe and get a good night’s rest. Thanks to your hosts, Kyle and Peter, for the great accommodations. Love, The Vermont Grandparents

  2. Thanks so much for helping me to feel connected to this historic event. Words fail me as to the signifigance for all of us. I am envious of your experience.
    Take care all and see you soon!

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