We Finally Caught Him! (Amy, W. Chazy, NY)

dc-1-20-09-ball-004Inauguration Day is one we will never forget. We ventured out by metro at 8am toward Capitol Hill. Luckily, we got a tip from some locals to catch the train that was going out of town because it would be empty and we could at least get on and have seats. We only had to ride it 3 stops out before turning around and heading  back in to town. The train filled COMPLETELY at the first stop.  There were thousands of people waiting to get on at each and every stop along the way…don’t know if they ever made it. What should normally take 20-30 minutes took about 2 hours, but we made it. We made our way through the crowd down to our ticketed area. The area was flooded but we were there! People were sitting in the trees just to be able to see over the crowd.dc-1-20-09-ball-003

We opted to skip the parade in order to get back on the metro ahead of the crowd. We didn’t want to miss our limo which was scheduled to pick us up at 5pm for the ball. Fortunately, everything was running behind schedule because the limo arrived about an hour late. dc-1-20-09-ball-007

After making our way through the crazy streets of DC, which were only accessible by emergency vehicles, taxis, and limos we managed to get close enough to the Washington Convention Center for the Obama Home States Ball. We got as close as we could by limo, and in an effort to arrive before the Obama’s we decided to get out and walk the rest of the way. So, in our ball gowns and high heels, we “ran” about 2 or 3 blocks and made our way to the ball.We got there in plenty of time to relax and have a drink and mingle with some of Lori’s friends.

Finally, after 4 days of chasing him, President Obama arrived and was standing on the stage right before our eyes. We could see him, hear him; it was amazing!dc-1-20-09-ball-019


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