Points of view: The day of the inauguration! Shawn

Before the inauguration, we went to museums and that was mostly it. We waited six hours at the inauguration before anything started. When Obama spoke everyone cheered it was great! By Fiona ONeil

The crowd slowly moved forward step by step. It was 8:00 am in the morning. We were up and on the metro by 5:15 am before this crowded line. All you see are people and people and more people. I close my eyes and I see faces of all ethnicity, male, female, young, and old. We all have smiles despite all being crammed into lines without physical barriers. I have the girls in front of me, my hand on their shoulders. I hoist Riley up onto my shoulders, while people allow me the room. Emily and Fiona are right in front of me. When the crowd moves and we start getting separated the people in between us allow Riley and I to squeeze past them so that we are back together again. There are several groups like this, hand to shoulder forming a chain. There is laughing and joking.
I bump into a young black man just as we get into the secured area. “Sorry!” “That’s’ okay, brother” says the black man as he slaps my shoulder in a comradeship way. Everyone in this huge crowd are brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter how different you are. At this point in time in American history…we are all Americans we are all one. Perhaps in the near future I can walk into a foreign country and proudly proclaim, “I’m American” and not worry about being discriminated against. I didn’t witness any hostility even though we were packed in like sardines. Everyone seemed to be looking out for each other’s welfare.
Now, that it has been a full day since I had this great experience. I thought I would use that old cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, here is a little video I made of this historical event. Enjoy!


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